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06 December 2023

Newfound confidence, happiness and the joy of finding your place in society are benefits brought to people with learning disabilities through The Wohl Employability Programme. 

All in a day’s work. James at a warehouse

Its £300,000 grant paid over three years is used to give people who want to work the tools they need to start a job and to initiate talks with employers to make their vacancies more accessible. 

The two work and learning coaches, Hannan Ahmed and Dee Francis, working behind the scenes, cite D’s story.  Knowing D was anxious about job interviews, a potential employer recruiting a part-time office junior in their advertising consultancy was persuaded to make her job interview less structured. Next came job preparation and travel training by the coaches, and now D travels and works independently for four hours a week and hopes it will be extended soon. Her confidence has blossomed. 

Office work for Marcus

Dee, pictured below with a client, says:  ’It is very rewarding when an employer takes the time to learn about the needs of our clients and offers patience and understating to support our clients within the working environment. This, in turn, gives our clients the confidence and happiness of knowing that they have achieved great success in their career paths. It’s truly a big achievement for us all.”

A man known as Z was another success story. Despite never having worked, Z who has learning disabilities and had been in special education throughout his life, said he wanted a job. Keen on cars, he started volunteering as a driver’s mate and through Hannah and Dee’s involvement, Z learned punctuality and other skills. Now he has a part-time job working on reception at a local youth club. 

Around 77 individuals have been referred to the programme from Langdon, mental health charity JAMI and the Department of Work and Pensions.More than 33 roles have been secured since the project started.

The programme offers help with cvs, benefits advice to comply with permitted earning levels, interview coaching and in-job support.  The work coaches link with partner organisations to help with mental health difficulties and to support candidates through the joy and frustration of a job search. Once a role is secured, they then support the employee in the job and the employer to make sure they have the right tools and understanding to help make the position successful. Opportunities are available to take on additional job training in order to develop in their chosen career path.

For more information about the programme, email Employment Skills Manager,

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