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Jobs…and not a moment too soon

05 May 2022

New business confidence is bringing an upturn in jobs for people with learning disabilities.

While the pandemic hit Kisharon’s employment programme hard, the government’s ending of Covid restrictions has brought new stability, says Shlomo Weltman, Employment and Opportunities Manager.

He said: “Now employers can plan ahead. The changing government restrictions during Covid meant employers were unsure whether their businesses could survive, but now there is more confidence business will be stable.”

Most new jobs for Kisharon people are still in the trial stages, but given the boost to mental and physical health and self esteem conferred by working, hopes are high these will become permanent.

The change towards remote working has not been good news, however. With offices far less populated than before or even empty, many of the office jobs at which Kisharon people excelled are no longer available.

Shlomo said: “We are simply retraining people so new skills meet current demands and opportunities, and exploring different avenues.”

Meanwhile demand UK-wide for greater work opportunities for people with disabilities grows.

Earlier this year Kisharon joined major UK employers and charities by signing up to the Disability Employment Charter. Set up in October last year, the organisation is lobbying the government to improve employment prospects for people with disabilities.

Next month Shlomo will be attending a reception at the House of Commons for the Disability Employment Charter to celebrate its 100th signatory.

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