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Job done well by Kisharon people

02 August 2021

Kisharon’s big Rosh Hashanah packing operation got a thumbs up from everyone involved.

Packers not only enjoyed the work, which was paid, but also wanted additional shifts and asked to be included in future packing projects.

In all more than 2,500 bags of dried fruit and nuts were packed by Kisharon people and students at Kisharon’s Vocational College, most for Rosh Hashanah gifts sets, with others ready to be sold in Kisharon’s Gift and Homeware Store, Equal in the run up to Rosh Hashanah.

Packers had to weigh 100g and 150g on a scale, weighing the bag first to make sure it wasn’t included, fill the bags, then seal them. All wore full PPE including hair and beard nets, aprons and gloves.


Teamwork, learning food safety hygiene regulations, weighing and counting were just some of the lessons learnt.

At the end, everyone completed personal time sheets, recording the date and their start and finish times, which were crucial in order to get paid.

Aviva Braunold, Kisharon College Manager, said: “It was great to see how people progressed throughout the project. People we support became more proficient in the work as time went on and were able to communicate individual needs in relation to their work. Food safety protocols were adhered to and as the project went on packers learnt to recognise the correct numbers on the scales independently.”

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