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Israel crisis – how we’re coping

31 October 2023

When the Israel/Gaza conflict began, first thoughts were for members. One-to-one sessions were run to air anxieties, anger and worries about security. Counselling organisations were lined up to offer more specialised support to anyone who needed it. 

Debbie Rees, Head of Social Care Programming said: “Initially people were angry and needed somewhere safe to vent their anger at what had happened. These sessions are ongoing.” Dedicated support services were on hand for staff too including counselling from the Jewish mental health charity JAMI. 

Kisharon Langdon is closely following advice and guidance from the CST, and more than 80 people and staff – in person and online – attended a security briefing at Maccabi House in Edgware. “We discussed who the CST was, why we follow their guidelines and that we need to keep calm and carry on following the advice we get from the CST,” said Facilities Manager Ravit Gazit.

Another community meeting dedicated to the crisis in Israel is scheduled for next week and at drop in sessions every Tuesday for members and staff, there’s an opportunity to discuss topics related to the conflict. 

In addition to the weekly Feel Good Friday positive mental health programme, Streetwise sessions are taking place to make people feel safer in the streets and the first in a series of eight Krav Maga sessions is starting soon. 

Several Israeli families now relocated to the UK for safety approached Kisharon Langdon. In response, placements have been facilitated at Tuffkid Nursery, Kisharon Noé School and at supported living sites. 

Finally, even pupils from Kisharon Noé School have risen to the challenge by lending a hand. They have donated essential supplies – and chocolates – to charitable collections for IDF soldiers and displaced families in southern Israel.

*On Mitzvah Day, Kisharon Langdon will be donating goods to Israel and helping Israeli families now living in the UK.

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