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15 October 2015

With a helping hand from Kisharon, a man who passed away 13 years ago was not forgotten.

With no-one to say kaddish, a memorial message marking the yahrzeit of Milton Marlowe was posted on the legacy screen in the garden at Parson Street.

Milton’s son, Simon, attended the Adult Day Centre there.

Ruth, Milton’s widow, said: “Milton was only 55 when he died 13 years ago. Once the stone setting is done, there’s not much you can do, but having Milton’s name on the screen was a very special way of remembering him.

“People like to remember their loved ones for always. It’s negative, of course, when someone dies but this was something very positive.”

Ruth, who gave Kisharon a donation to mark the yahrzeit, hopes to commemorate the date in the garden next year too.

If you would like to make a donation to Kisharon in memory of a loved one, or to leave an everlasting gift, we honour the names of supporters in perpetuity, on an interactive screen in the Kisharon Legacy Garden.

For more information please contact Dean Lesser on 020 3393 0153 or

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