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House of Lords book launch

24 May 2018

Daniel Yefet and Shammai Rotenberg attended a reception to launch four new Books Beyond Words – which they helped to create – at the House of Lords.

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While the books have no words, Shlomo Weltman, Kisharon’s Employment Manager, wrote an advisory note and Daniel helped test their user friendliness. Aviva Braunold and Shammai trialled the books at Kisharon’s Vocational College.

Books Beyond Words are designed to be read and discussed with adults with learning disabilities and the four new titles are Choosing My First Job, Glory Wants a Job, A Family at Work and A Good Day’s Work.

All four are designed to help people think about work and volunteering, and to raise the aspirations of individuals with learning disabilities. The stories are about finding the right job after school or college as well as later in life, the benefits and responsibilities of a good job, solving problems and getting the right support to stay in work, and self-employment and social action.

Baroness Sheila Hollins, professor of the psychiatry of learning disability at St George’s, University of London, is the driving force behind the books.

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