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Help us to reach our £2m campaign target

21 February 2024

People we support, their families and staff are becoming Champions to help us achieve our ambitious target in this year’s Matched Funding Campaign.

It actually costs £15m to run our services and for £4m of that, we’re relying on the generosity of our community. We’re depending on our Champions to raise £2million from this campaign and every ask made to family, friends and other connections is crucial. Once you’ve decided to sign up, we’ll be with you all the way, and it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

The MFC runs from 9am on Sunday 10 March and runs until 9pm on Monday 11 March. We’ll set up a fundraising page and send through all the information and photos you need to share on social media. During the 36-hour campaign, every donation made will be doubled by our generous donors.

Don’t forget to ask your donors to spread the word and share your link with anyone who they think might also like to support us.  Throughout the day, the Kisharon Langdon fundraising team will be in touch to offer support and guidance.

Remember that supporters can call us to make their donation over the phone, and the fundraising team can accept payment using charity cheques and vouchers. Do join us. To sign up, email:

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