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HCC@Kisharon on Awards Shortlist

15 February 2016

HCC@Kisharon has been shortlisted for a Times Educational Supplement (TES) award.

The specialist provision, which opened in September 2014, is in the running for a prize in the Contribution to the Local Community category of the TES Further Education awards.

The honour is awarded to the provider of further education which has the most impact in supporting the community socially, culturally or economically.

Kisharon Chief Executive Beverley Jacobson said: “This is a well deserved nomination. Having recognised the need, Hackney Community College stepped in, and, with a ‘can- do’ yet sensitive approach have set up a first class provision in the heart of the Orthodox community. The course is set up to attain ambitious outcomes for all its learners who would otherwise not have received any further education and would have struggled with their transition to adult life.”

Rob Blackstone, Kisharon’s new Director of Operations and Development, formerly Assistant Director of Adult Social Care in Hackney, added: “This is fantastic news. I did a lot of work with the college in my former role. The College always forward thinking and supportive in designing learning opportunities for vulnerable adults.”

The winners of the awards will be announced on April 22.

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