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Going, Going Gone! We raise £55k

28 June 2023

Art created by people we support with learning disabilities – with input from professional artists – raised £55k at the JW3 HeART Edit auction last week.

Donations from renowned artist Damien Hirst, muralist Thierry Noir who famously painted the Berlin Wall, and other artists were also in the auction.

Paintings, photographs and sculptures were created in a six-month period by individuals with learning disabilities, including pupils from Kisharon Noé School, with support from 30 artists.

The idea was brought to Kisharon by Freidi Klein, now co-chair of Kisharon’s HeART Edit committee, who was inspired by a similar event in Israel.

Chief Executive Richard Franklin said: “At Kisharon we focus on recognising the talent within individuals, not their disabilities. The success of HeART Edit embodies the essence of our community and organisation.”

Thanking all participants, he stressed the importance of fundraising in the light of the projected shortfall in future social care funding.

Kisharon Fundraising Manager Emma Nagli added, “The HeART Edit showcased the diverse talents of each person. Witnessing the individuals we support having their art displayed alongside established and emerging artists in a gallery setting was truly heartwarming. Seeing people that we support, reuniting with the artists that they worked with, and introducing them to their families, was a true highlight. Thank you to everyone involved in making this event a huge success.”

The artists formed social relationships with people Kisharon support. Their work promoted self-confidence, eased anxieties and enhanced communication skills culminating in a groundbreaking, artistic experience.

At the event Freidi together with Co Chair Sari Friedman said:, “The unwavering dedication of the artists and mentors involved in this project has resulted in a resounding triumph. We are immensely proud to share this collection, brimming with passion and creativity.”

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