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Lined up for success

08 February 2017

gail website IMG_5213_146

Striking geometric shapes are a predominant feature of glass plates produced by artist Gail Philipp, February Designer of the Month at Equal.

“I have a mathematical mind and this is reflected in my work,” said Gail, who turned her attention to art after raising her children and helping her husband build his publishing business.

Gail, born in Lancashire, always enjoyed art and began to sculpt when her children were young.

However, since retiring as finance and HR director in the publishing business, she has taken lessons in drawing and painting, and did a two-year art foundation course to learn the techniques of producing ceramics and glass, printmaking and calligraphy, and to consolidate her early stone sculpting.

Gail sculpts and produces pieces of fused glass at her studio in north London. Glassware is on display at Equal, and alongside the geometric shapes are plates decorated with flowers, landscapes, animals and fish. “I am also greatly influenced by shapes seen in the natural world,” she says.

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