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Friday Night Feasts

31 October 2023

“We’re delighted that people who rarely participate in anything else come to our Friday Night Dinners,” said Debbie Rees, Head of Social Care Programming.

The meals are funded by an anonymous donor and catered by Daniel’s Bakery. Two waitresses are employed to lend a hand.

“There’s an amazing atmosphere and it’s a real community experience. Members make kiddush, hamotzei and bensch and decide on the menu each week, while a group of ladies make up a fruit platter to avoid the calorific desserts,” she added.

Communal Friday night meals are held monthly and, at the start, each one attracted around 20 guests. Now at least 50 book in each month, many with support staff.  Volunteers come along to lend a hand.

Currently the dinners take place at a small room at Langdon College in Edgware – the biggest room is used as a synagogue on Shabbat – but the events will be moving to a larger venue soon.

Despite the crowd, there’s always capacity for more, so if you’d like to come, or know someone who’d enjoy attending, email: 




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