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At Tuffkid, we have incorporated yoga into the children’s afternoon routine. Modern yoga is based on Swedish gymnastics and research has shown it benefits our bodies and minds.

Yoga is natural and calming and can help children listen to and understand their bodies, supporting them to manage their behaviour according to the situations they find themselves in.

Yoga helps flexibility and coordination, strengthening balance and core stability. Through our yoga sessions, the children have been learning about spatial awareness, respecting their friends, turn-taking and general safety. Yoga teaches children to control their breathing, calming their bodies and minds, which helps to increase concentration and to maintain focus.

Doing yoga in bare feet, with different textured materials underfoot, and natural sounds contributes to the way children respond to sensory input.

Yoga promotes creativity and poses that mimic nature such as trees, flowers, and animals help the children to connect to the natural world. This also allows children to represent ideas in their own way, which fits in with our Froebelian ethos.

We have combined favourite nursery rhymes and stories with soothing yoga poses. Throughout the academic year, our yoga sessions have celebrated Rosh Hashanah, Succot, Pesach and other festivals, supporting and consolidating the children’s Jewish learning. They play movement games with a Jewish theme, such as ‘taking a tour around Hashem’s beautiful world’.

Most importantly, yoga is a fun way for children to learn and to express themselves, and their views, on the world around them.