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Eco Hub Opens at Kisharon Noé School

28 June 2023

A unique, purpose built eco hub at Kisharon Noé School is teaching pupils of all abilities about sustainability, renewable energy and the outdoor world.

Inside, children including those using wheelchairs generate their own electricity, monitor a wind turbine, cook on a fire pit, and grow vegetables and fruit. Pupils can learn too from a bird house and bug hotel.

The idea of School Headteacher Emily Haddock, the wood built eco hub in the playground is where children enjoy their forest school activities when the weather is bad.

Concept to construction took over a year, with equipment delays caused by unrest in Ukraine hampering construction of the bicycle electricity generators which are designed to be accessible for all the children.

Forest School Leader Alfredo Sanguino said the generators are especially popular. “Three children can exercise to generate electricity at the same time. Once a certain level is reached, music, the bubble machine, a disco ball in the ceiling and a drum set – accessible for all including those in wheelchairs – are powered. But once they stop cycling, it ends. This collaboration encourages teamwork.”

Inside the hub, the children can listen to sounds of the forest, learn about sustainability and enjoy arts and crafts using recycled materials.

“The children have claimed this space as their own, deciding themselves what they want to make or do. It was chaotic at the beginning because everyone wanted to use the eco hub. The children love it especially as here they don’t need to be sitting down and paying attention. This space is theirs.”

It is used by all classes at the school and its official name The Elder Tree Hub pays homage to wood from the elder tree which is especially popular among craftsmen.


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