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Duke of Edinburgh Silver award for Kisharon School students

20 July 2017

A three-day expedition in the Peak District was the final triumphant step of the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award for five students from Kisharon School.

The boys, aged between 15-18, hiked 15 miles, following maps, pitched their own tents and cooked for themselves. They spent six weeks learning how to be self-sufficient before the expedition. They needed to master map reading, first aid and menu planning and they went food shopping for provisions for the trip. In addition, the boys, who have already achieved their DofE bronze awards, had to learn about the Peak District and how to work as a team.

Coordinated through the JLGB, the expedition followed the volunteering, physical and skills sections of the DofE award, which the students completed over the course of the year. Although accompanied by Jes Waldman, Kisharon’s Extra-Curricular Co-ordinator, they navigated their own way throughout the expedition and looked after themselves.

Jes said: “The boys took on their DofE challenge with full gusto and have been absolutely brilliant. They have gained independence, the ability to work in a team and key life skills. Each one of them has worked extremely hard, gaining confidence along the way, challenging themselves on the routes and at the campsites. The boys have been amazing to work with and I feel honoured to have watched them grow and achieve their bronze and silver awards.”

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