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Disability world: On the fringe?

02 September 2015

The Edinburgh Fringe is becoming more accessible with significant strides forward to help disabled people.

This year, a handful of the 3,300 shows in the three-week festival, which ended on August 31 were staged by people with disabilities, including autism.

As well as promoting the artistes’ work, these shows were expected to stimulate improvements in accessiblity – with shows taking place in every spare corner of the city, only half the venues are acceptable for wheelchair-users.

Guidance is available to help performers put on relaxed shows for people with autism and to make adaptations for those with hearing or sight impairments.

Organisers say they are working continuously to improve the accessibility of venues, and to meet all their customers’ needs.

So, if you are thinking of the Edinburgh Fringe for 2016, it’s good to know that disability is high on the agenda.

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“The world stands on three things: Torah, the service of G-d, and deeds of kindness.” Kisharon looks at the person not the disability, teaching Torah, Middos and Mitzvot embracing and cherishing everybody’s special talent and bringing out the best in them.