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Daniel and Shlomo lend a hand

30 March 2017

Shlomo Weltman and Daniel Yefet became advisors to Baroness Hollins who is behind a new book for people with learning disabilities.

Shlomo and Daniel were invited to meet Baroness Sheila Hollins to offer input into Enjoying Work, a new book which looks at support, building friendships and problem solving in the workplace. It was produced by Books Beyond Words, founded by Baroness Hollins, which develops books for people who find pictures easier to understand than words.

The books, read by individuals with a support worker, are widely in use to explain and offer guidance on issues such as challenging behaviour, healthy living and abuse.

Shlomo and Daniel, who was paid £25 for his contribution, were part of an advisory team of people involved in the field of work for individuals with learning disabilities. The team will be brought together again at the next stage in the book’s production.

Shlomo said: “We made a number of useful and, we hope, helpful comments which were appreciated. It was a great experience and privilege for Kisharon to be invited by Baroness Hollins to this advisory group. Books Beyond Words create relevant and insightful materials that many of Kisharon’s service users can benefit from and by offering Kisharon a chance to shape the content of this book we can see just how much thought and consideration goes into each one. Kisharon looks forward to developing our relationship with Books Beyond Words and look forward to seeing the final version.”

Books Beyond Words is to provide training on the use of its books so book clubs can be set up for people with learning disabilities at the Childs Hill Library.

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