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A place for quiet reflection

15 February 2021

Kisharon has marked Tu B’Shvat by planting a Covid memorial garden.

Located in the garden of Childs Hill Library, in Cricklewood, which is well used by the local community, the rose bed has been designed as a quiet place for reflection for those who have lost friends or relatives.

“Everyone knows someone who has died from this terrible disease,” said Kisharon volunteer Sarah Adler, who is behind the initiative.

Several rose bushes have already been planted and others will be soon and the garden will be edged with fragrant lavender. A bench with a commemorative plaque will be placed beside bed, where visitors can pause for quiet reflection.

“The worst part is that families of those who passed away had no opportunity to say goodbye,” said Sarah.

Sarah too has been struck by loss. “It was my cousin who was in her eighties, but she was one of those bouncy people we all thought would go on to 100.

“Everyone has been touched one way or another and what is missing, because of the social distancing is that bit of comfort…hugging and knowing someone is there for you if you’ve had a bereavement,” she said.

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