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Covid-19 is the chance to start over, says Hadassa

19 June 2020

“When we are at the edge of chaos, there is energy to make changes,” says Hadassa Kessler, Kisharon’s Director of Operations and Development in Learning Disability Awareness week.

Through necessity we had to think out of the box, develop new working styles and use technology creatively – bringing changes that we might choose to hold on to, Hadassa says in a Jewish News blog.

“When things are stable and relatively easy, we are comfortable to keep doing what we are doing, and do not take the time to rethink what we actually want.

“I have seen enormous resilience from people we support, who have been courageous and caring throughout lockdown, adapted to technology and new ways to spend their time in ways none of us expected. Many new friendships have formed, and existing relationships between tenants, support staff and volunteers have been strengthened.”

Hadassa paid tribute to staff and volunteers who worked alongside vulnerable people in the darkest days of the pandemic. “The dedication and exceptional hard work …was beyond any of our expectations. I hope we are able to find a meaningful way to recognise this now and into the future, so that, in the future this work force is not taken for granted, and the appreciation continues.”

Keeping hold of the good things – like attending shul services in Israel or conferences in Australia, connecting with new and old friends around the globe, flexible working and virtual and agile working styles – becomes more pivotal given that social distancing may not go away entirely, especially for those at high risk.

Use Covid-10 as a springboard to rethink our lives, because we are starting over, Hadassa says. Hadassa has written a Jewish News blog. You can read it in full here.

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