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All go at Kisharon for Tu B’Shevat

02 March 2022

Local councillors lent a hand with planting at Kisharon’s Childs Hill Library garden in one of many Tu B’Shevat activities.

Childs Hill councillor Anne Clarke, who sits on the London Assembly, above left, and Totteridge councillor Caroline Stock joined Kisharon people and volunteers planting raspberry canes and strawberry plants.

The guests were impressed to see how Kisharon was making the connection between outdoor space and mental and physical wellbeing and heard that funding has been secured to develop raised beds, where one of the crops will be horseradish, ready for the seder table at Pesach.

Told about the gardening club at the library, they had words of praise for Kisharon’s commitment to developing its green space. The councillors were presented with a small plant to commemorate the occasion.

Sarah Sharlott, Head of Social Enterprise and Community Development, said, “Everyone was thrilled to be outdoors and celebrating Tu B’Shevat. It has been a wonderful day!”

The library garden is the location of Kisharon’s Covid memorial garden, planted a year ago, which has been used by the community as a place of reflection for those who lost friends or relatives.

At Tuffkid Nursery, children squeezed oranges to learn about juice, set up a fruit shop and sang Tu B’Shevat songs and at Kisharon No​é School pupils planted flowers and made fruit kebabs.



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