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Cooking at Kisharon

13 August 2020

It looks like ordinary apple crumble, but the crumble Louis has just made is quite extraordinary.

Louis made the dessert in one of Kisharon’s new Zoom cookery lessons for people we support. All the dishes have been selected for the particular skills involved in making them.

If nothing else, making a dessert will improve independent living skills but every step involved in its creation adds to an individual’s proficiencies.

Manager of Kisharon’s Vocational College, Aviva Braunold, said: “Following an easy read recipe and verbal instructions involves literacy and numeracy. These cooks check for the quantities required and measure the ingredients.

“Using a knife to cut apples, we discussed safety in the kitchen, and when cutting in halves and quarters we talked about fractions. Even creating the crumble mixture was beneficial because it involved motor skills.”

Just socialising with others on Zoom during the activity was beneficial, Aviva added. And having done it once, several of the budding cooks will be able to recreate the simple recipe themselves with minimal support.

The best benefit of all is, of course, tucking in. Click here for the recipe.

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