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Childs Hill Library triumph

09 November 2020

Kisharon Vocational College students can take a bow for keeping Childs Hill Library open for local residents.

It’s a win-win situation with the students learning important skills, while keeping socially distanced, at Kisharon’s library in Cricklewood when alternative job opportunities for them are scarce. At the same time, some regular library volunteers have stopped coming due to the Covid emergency.

In line with government guidelines, the library will continue to offer its select and collect service three days a week during the lockdown, and offers bookable slots for PC access so those without computers at home can still have access to them.

First jobs for the students were the cataloging and shelving of books, date stamping and taping on protective covers. Now library borrowers can enjoy the luxury of home delivery.

Kisharon Vocational College Manager Aviva Braunold, explained: “We’re giving students maps to deliver pre-ordered library books to borrowers’ front door. Many are leaving their read books outside to be brought back to the library.

“This is a brilliant way to engage with work that incorporates so many independent living skills, numeracy, literacy, map reading, road safety awareness and following instructions. It’s a good way to get exercise outdoors too.”

Neha Dhakar, Library Manager, said: “This stint has been, and will be, mutually beneficial. Having people we support to do this work is a huge help for us.”

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