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Chanukah giving

06 December 2023

A consignment of 200 paint-your-own dreidel packs have been assembled by the enterprise team of people with learning disabilities, and more supplies are on standby if stock runs out.

The idea came from the enterprise team themselves who routinely put together a product to sell at the Kisharon Langdon Gift and Homeware Store for the festivals, but despite the success of the Pesach Chocolate Brownie Cupcake Kit, wanted the current project to be non-food related.

Aviva Braunold, Development and Learning Lead said: “Wooden driedels were found online that could be painted. Stock quantities were calculated and after seeing a sample pack the shop manager ordered 200.

“The team bought supplies, paint and chocolate coins as well as the dreidels and sourced empty boxes for deliveries to the shop.

“Skills needed, and learned, for this project included numeracy, team work and communication, in particular ICT, and the team were excited to hear that the packs were selling well in the shop, long before Chanukah even started.”

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