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31 October 2023

Visitors at Bygone Times, the sprawling antiques fair in Chorley, Manchester can find toys for 25p or genuine antiques costing upwards of £10k, but it’s the purchase of any item from Bee-Spoke – the Kisharon Langdon stall – that brings the greatest joy.

It sells candles, doorstops, bird boxes and much more, all hand-made by Kisharon Langdon members.

“Involvement in Bygone Times gives members a huge sense of achievement and makes a massive difference to self-esteem,” said Aidan Metcalf, Community Enterprise and Employment Skills Manager. “There’s such joy when any item is sold.”

Thoughtfully, each piece comes with a personal message, and occasionally a photo, from its maker, so it is truly unique. 

The stall, one of around 500 at the former mill, is unmanned and people supported by Kisharon Langdon come in once a week to replenish stock, labelling each item with a code so payment goes to the charity. 

Aiden said: “We were on a waiting list for two years to get one of these stalls but it’s been worthwhile. We’re appealing for vinyl, ornaments, glassware or any bric-a brac that we can sell to add to our income.”

If you’re in Manchester and have anything to donate, email:

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