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Slimline Brocha fulfils dream with Jerusalem Marathon run

13 February 2020

After losing more than five stones, Brocha Gutstein is celebrating her new-found fitness by running 10k in the Jerusalem Marathon next month to raise funds for Kisharon School.

“Everyone tells me that the Jerusalem Marathon is an experience not to be missed,” said Brocha, a Teaching Assistant at the school, who is taking part in a running event for the first time.

“I’m doing it to give something extra to my gorgeous children at Kisharon. The children at Kisharon are like my own and when I light the candles every Friday I add them to my prayers together with those for my own wonderful husband, children and grandchildren.”

Brocha, 47, who has three children and two grandchildren, started her weight loss programme after Pesach. Her wish was to be fit enough to run the Jerusalem Marathon and raise funds for Kisharon School. She followed a diet and exercise plan with a personal trainer, and her weight plummeted from 16 stones to 10.7.

“Once I decided to take part, I stepped up my training to prepare.”

Brocha has set a £1.5k goal but hopes to smash her target and raise more. No holiday in the sunshine awaits Brocha after the run. “The event is over the weekend but I’ll be back at school on Monday.” You can sponsor Brocha here.

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