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Barbican project enriches students

19 January 2017

Students from Kisharon’s further education college, HCC@Kisharon, have just completed a three-month Barbican Art Box project on clothes and fashion.

Seven London colleges with mainstream and special needs students – and some GCSE pupils – were selected by the creative learning department of The Barbican arts centre for the project which took as its focus The Vulgar, an exhibition of historical costumes and contemporary clothes at the Barbican Art Gallery.

After seeing the exhibition, students carried out their own research on clothes and fashion, talking to people, collecting pictures of clothes, looking at fabrics and colours and questioning what people choose to wear and why.

Finally, using professional equipment and input from photographers, the students ran a fashion shoot.

Lecturer Claude Savona explained: “One student took the photos while others did the styling, or art directing. Everyone played a part in this.”

Photographs from all seven of the colleges will be used to create a fashion magazine to be sold at the Barbican Centre bookshop. Claude said: “The students gained a great deal from this project. Most had never been to the Barbican and had not been exposed to fashion in this way. It certainly made them think about their own clothes and one or two have been coming in looking a bit smarter than they had before.

“The students looked at clothes worn by people outside their own community which has been interesting for them. They are looking forward to see the fashion magazine. None of the students has seen their work published before. On a lot of levels this was a very enriching project for every student who took part.”

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