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Back our London Crowdfund campaign

19 July 2017

Together we can make our library a crowdfunding winner. We need to raise £6,500 by September and could attract funding from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Neha Dhakar, Social Enterprise Manager – Partnership Library says there are plenty of ideas for making the library a vibrant centre for social, cultural and educational projects.

Underpinning the project is the idea that the library should become a multipurpose space where people can develop their interests and spend time in a stimulating and inclusive environment.

Activities planned for the library include a bike repair and cycle club with Equal Bikes and community organisation The Hope of Childs Hill, coffee mornings run by local residents for senior citizens, a book club, film club, autism and learning disability workshops, language classes and family picnics and vintage fairs in the garden. Read more about the project and join the crowdfunding campaign at: 

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