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Art delights at Kisharon Noé School exhibition

21 June 2021

The art exhibition was the culmination of weeks of work by pupils and staff at Kisharon Noé School.

Pupils’ art was guided by teacher Helen Gillan and school Support Assistant, Batsheva Cutler, an artist.  The children looked at the techniques of Jackson Pollack and Gerhart Richter.

The stunning work of former pupil Etty galvanised staff into organising the event. Before moving to Manchester, she created beautiful abstract expressive paintings and Sharon Mullish, then Interim Headteacher, requested she painted large canvases around the school.

Afterwards, pupils also worked on large canvases and at the exhibition described each piece of art, giving them ownership.

Helen commented: “We are so proud of all the pupils who took part. Everyone enjoyed being curators, deciding how to display the artwork and where each piece should be placed. All pupils and staff worked tirelessly to make the exhibition a success.

“It was important that each step of creating the art exhibition was pupil-led enabling them to gain insight from researching recipes and shopping for the ingredients to designing invites and serving the guests.

It was wonderful to see all the pupils so proud of what they had achieved and discussing their artwork with others.”

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