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Ambition fulfilled

15 February 2019

Levi Hyams’ dream of travelling, with support, to his native Amsterdam has been brought to life in a remarkable Kisharon Together We Grow programme.

Levi is one of the first to participate in the programme, with other people we support, staff, volunteers, and some Kisharon parents. Working in small groups and treated equally, each chooses a life goal to fulfil. The group enables each person to achieve their goal, developing their own coaching and leadership skills along the way.

Julia Brown, Director of Operations said: “Every participant grows through supporting their group colleagues. People’s perceptions of themselves and others change, and given the opportunity to truly express themselves, the outcome is hugely beneficial. The programme allows each individual to see and expand their abilities.”

As a result of his involvement in the programme, Levi, who was born in Amsterdam, will spend four days there in March, visiting relatives, seeing the house where he grew up and sightseeing. He was last in Amsterdam ten years ago and has long harboured a wish to go back. With support, he planned the trip himself, booked travel tickets and a hotel and researched kosher restaurants. Bringing particular joy is the fact that he will travel by train – his favourite mode of transport.

Eytan Bordoley, Manager of the Bike Shop where Levi works, and also in the Together We Grow programme, said: “Levi’s mother was Dutch and the family lived there until Levi was about eight or nine. Levi is delighted to have planned and booked the trip himself, using his own debit card. He is so excited.”

Empowering group members to achieve their ambitions is a steady but ultimately rewarding process, Eytan said.

On his trip, Levi will be accompanied by group participant Support Worker Raymond Bonham.

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