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Achievements are just a click away with iplanit

15 November 2021

People with learning disabilities can have greater involvement in their own progress now Kisharon is digitalising its care records.

Records are computerised at a handful of Kisharon sites but once the project extends to all supported living and day opportunity locations, files and folders will become obsolete.

The system, iplanit, from software company Aspirico, lets users, and their families, see individuals’ achievements and their progress milestones using an easy-read log in. Easy accessibility for the people Kisharon supports was a critical feature in the selection of the software provider.

Not only is iplanit ecologically sound, but having personal records in one place with no need to search for various pieces of information will free up carers and clinicians’ time to deliver care.

The mammoth task of digitalising stored information faces all social care providers who are required by the NHS to adopt digital social care records by March 2024.

One of the most significant advantages for staff is an easier handover when shifts change. A detailed activity synopsis can be read at a glance, and when shifts end, iplanit prompts staff entering data to be thorough and comprehensive.

Iplanit has been configured to record individuals’ levels of Jewish observance. Kisharon staff can find out religious preferences down to the finest detail immediately. With a back up system, and full access restricted to care staff, iplanit is safe and secure.

Kisharon Director of Operations Hadassa Kessler said: “Digitalising our systems in this way will provide a secure and dynamic way for us to hold and update records on the go. We chose iplanit after a very thorough research process, meeting with other learning disability providers and looking at demos from other software packages.

“iplanit stood out as it was set up specifically for adults with learning disabilities to be as involved as possible in their support and progress. Our staff teams in the launch sites have been really enthusiastic and excited since the training and roll out began a few weeks ago.”

Key Worker and iplanit project leader Yanju Adeoba agreed. He said: “The clients are fully involved in their support and can monitor measurable outcomes which are broken down for easy, readable assimilation. For example, the client can track what they want from life and determine how much work left they have left to achieve this in measurable milestones.”

He added: “iplanit definitely gives you a better platform to provide care.”





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