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Shaya Zimmels

Shaya Zimmels lives in a Kisharon apartment and is a familiar face at Kisharon’s Bike Shop where he has worked for more than a decade
He has been supported by Kisharon for more than 20 years

What’s the best part of your job?
I love helping customers with their bikes, and I’ve learned to fix bikes too, although I don’t ride one myself.

What skills do you provide at Kisharon?
I’ve learned a lot here and enjoy working with Eytan (Bordoley – Bike Shop Manager) and Raymond (Bonham – Bike Shop Assistant). They’re a friendly bunch and so are the customers. I’ve got to know many of them well.

What do you get out of your work at Kisharon?
Kisharon is a good place to be. I really like it. I’m here every day. I like Leeside too. It’s a good place to live and the people are nice.