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Rachel Ucko

Rachel Ucko, Kisharon’s Community Inclusion Coordinator
Joined June 2021

How did you come to join Kisharon?
I applied for a completely different post but during the interview my passion for people with learning disabilities to engage in the community shone through, and that’s exactly the job I do now!

What’s the best part of your job?
It’s breaking down barriers. When people we support had a sports session with the youth organisation Maccabi GB the young people looked initially terrified, but after 20 minutes they relaxed and came to look beyond the disability. It dawned on them that everyone has an ability regardless of how they look, what they do or how they sound.

What singles out your service?
I helped make sure Kisharon’s supported living sites were meticulously prepared for Pesach (Passover) to ensure that everyone we support could celebrate Pesach in the way they wanted.

What skills/expertise do you provide at Kisharon?
From the experience I’ve gained when I worked as a primary school teacher, and at the Jewish Volunteer Network running their support volunteer project which integrates people with disabilities into the volunteer pool. Kisharon has aways been my chosen charity.

What do you get out of your work at Kisharon
That has to be huge satisfaction. Not just satisfaction at the end of the day, but the knowledge that I made a difference to someone’s life.

Something we don’t know about you.
I’m from Liverpool and lived next door to Strawberry Field, a Salvation Army children’s home made famous by The Beatles’ song.

Last word
We can make it happen.