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Neha, Manager of Kisharon’s Childs Hill Library
Since Barnet created partnership libraries five years ago

How did you become involved with Kisharon? 
In India, I helped young entrepreneurs from low-income families achieve funding for their businesses. When I came to the UK, I saw a great opportunity at Kisharon – to manage the transition of a library from Barnet to become Kisharon’s Partnership Library, to provide an outstanding library service, recruit and train volunteers, and provide opportunities for people with learning disabilities and the local community.

What is especially rewarding at work?
It’s the people I work with, the volunteers who give their time, energy and ideas and expect nothing in return, and the people we support. It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to help people by teaching them skills they can use in their lives. I enjoy working with the children who come on school visits to the library, and I’ve had absolutely incredible line managers who have confidence and faith in me.

What’s special about your service?
Having Childs Hill library run by volunteers makes it so much warmer and more personal than other libraries. The volunteers are extremely conscientious and productive every moment of the day. They go above and beyond with even the most mundane query.

What skills do you provide?
I’m good at communicating with people and a good problem solver, I have to think on my feet because there are always unexpected issues that crop up.

What do you get out of Kisharon?
It’s very fulfilling to work together with management and colleagues who all have the same values to create something new. I have precious relationships with friends I met at work, and this is something I hold dear.