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Mickey Dekel

Mickey Dekel is Kisharon volunteer
He has been volunteering since 2018

How did you come to join Kisharon?
At Hasmonean High School, groups of Kisharon people would come in, and so Kisharon came to mind when I wanted to volunteer. I love Tennis and I’m a coach so started volunteering by giving lessons. Now I befriend Chaim Dovid who Kisharon Supports. We speak once a week.

What’s the best part of volunteering at Kisharon?
I think everyone should give back. Volunteering at Kisharon makes you feel part of their work. My contribution is very small but I hope it’s helpful.

What skills/expertise do you provide?
Everyone brings their own skills. At the start, it was tennis. Now with Chaim Dovid I’m someone he can share things with. I plan to teach tennis again too.

What do you get out of your work at Kisharon?
I’m at medical school and communicating with people at Kisharon helps me talk to patients. There are overlaps and on the wards I apply the same skills

Last word
Anyone who can help the community by volunteering should do so. It’s very rewarding.