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Janice Marriott

Janice Marriott is Head of Tuffkid Nursery
She launched Kisharon’s nursery 21 years ago

How did you come to join Kisharon?
I simply responded to the job advert. I was a hearing therapist with the NHS at the time and had the highly-regarded NNEB nursery qualification. It was a perfect combination as we integrate therapies for children with learning disabilities into the normal nursery day.

What’s the best part of your job?
I love working with our incredible children, their families and the whole nursery team, and I was thrilled that the nursery received three outstanding reports from Ofsted in a row, in 2011, 2016 and in 2022.

What singles out Tuffkid Nursery?
Our nursery is run according to principles of the 19th Century educator Freidrich Froebel, whose ideas still constitute excellent practice. We focus on the holistic wellbeing of every child, teaching yoga and the importance of a healthy diet, and the curriculum enables the children to develop a love of Torah.

What skills do you provide?
Our staff are highly trained to work with all children and staff have been tutored by top experts on Froebelian principles.

What do you get out of your work at Kisharon?
Kisharon is a unique place to work. Everyone is supportive and it’s very special to be part of the whole Kisharon team.

Last word
It’s a privilege to work with such phenomenal children, parents and staff. I feel inspired by them every day.