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Hilary Castle

Hilary Castle, Volunteer at Kisharon
Since 2014

How did you join Kisharon?
When we sold the family shoe repair business I wanted to do something more rewarding. The JVN sent me to Kisharon School to see if I might like to volunteer there. One of the profoundly disabled boys saw me and his smile lit up my heart. That’s how I ended up at Kisharon!

What’s the best part of your volunteering?
I watched that boy grow from a child to a man and have seen other children at different stages of their lives. It’s a very nice feeling. For me, the best part is getting to know children and adults with learning disabilities, and meeting people working for Kisharon.

What singles out Kisharon?
All the staff are very dedicated to the cause and it’s not just a job. It’s something I want to be part of.

What skills/expertise do you provide?
If anyone gives me a job I’ll just get on with it. I don’t mind what I do, pack or unpack boxes, help with the honey at Rosh Hashanah, count loose change. I’ll get on with anything as long as I am being useful.

What do you get out of Kisharon?
It’s the feeling that I’m making a difference to Kisharon and helping the organisation go further.

Something we don’t know about you…
I’m a Spurs season ticket holder and love walking. I walk every day but twice a week do longer stretches of 8-10 miles with my Working Cocker Spaniel, Harry. I’m also keen on holidays and jigsaw puzzles.

Last word
Thank you to all the amazing people at Kisharon. I’m just a cog in a wheel but you are the ones who make it go round.