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Hannah Jacobs

Hannah Jacobs, Supported Living Assistant Support Worker
Joined 11 April 2022

I’m in Year 13 at Hasmonean High School for Girls. I am an Assistant Support Worker for Kisharon and I frequently visit their Supported Living homes.

How did you come to join Kisharon?
I found out about the opportunity when I saw the recruitment poster on a WhatsApp group chat. I immediately looked into it and got in touch with the people running the program to find out how to get involved!

What’s the best part of your job?
Whether it’s challah baking, decorating biscuits or simply having a chat, it’s always an amazing and  fun experience. There is never a dull moment during my time with the ladies at Clara House and I have really started to build a strong connection with everyone. I also accompanied them on a day trip to the seaside last summer.

What singles out your service?
This programme was initiated to promote more of a Jewish ethos in Kisharon’s supported living homes and I believe that in my role we are doing exactly this: challah baking before Shabbos, making honey cake before Rosh Hashana, and decorating Succos themed biscuits are examples of the amazing activities we carryout to enable the people we support to have a better insights into Jewish Culture in their homes.

What skills/expertise do you provide at Kisharon?
I love arts and crafts and I’m fairly creative so working with colleagues to come up with weekly activities is never a struggle. We create activities relating to upcoming festivals and the ladies get very involved and love to share their knowledge on the particular festival we are about to celebrate.

What do you get out of your work at Kisharon
Going to the Supported Living home is a real highlight of my week. I leave with the satisfaction of knowing I’ve had an amazing time whilst enabling others to have the same. It’s inspiring to see how everyone gets involved to the best of their ability.

Last word
I’ve learnt so much throughout my time with Kisharon and the experiences that I’ve had the privilege to have are incomparable to any others. I thoroughly enjoy my role and I look forward to my future at Kisharon 😊.