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Bertha Giordano

Bertha Giordano, Support Worker
Joined 2004

How did you come to join Kisharon?
Back in 2004 I worked for an agency and was sent to Kisharon. In 2005 I became an employee and have been here ever since!

What’s the best part of your job?
I’ve worked at Kisharon School, Kisharon College and now at Day Opportunities for adults. I also worked at one of the first Supported Living sites at Eagle Lodge with two ladies around 2008. The best part is supporting people we support to do new things and to understand how they communicate.
Support Workers in Day Opportunities are in a learning environment. We all enjoy working here and enjoy seeing people we support achieve their goals.

What singles out your service?
It’s the effort we go to encourage the community to understand people with learning disabilities. We work towards the community being more open and accepting and to understand those with special needs. They are just like all of us.

What skills/expertise do you provide at Kisharon?
I’ve done a lot of training while at Kisharon, including The Care Certificate, and have an NVQ in Social Care. I’m good at arts and crafts, including sewing, knitting and gardening – I learned all these skills growing up in Zimbabwe.

What do you get out of your work at Kisharon?
I got so much support when my husband, Mauro, passed away from cancer five years ago. On the day of the funeral, a Rabbi at Kisharon and a group of Head Office staff came to visit and comfort me at my house. My relatives and I were completely shocked because we weren’t expecting that. You don’t realise how much the people you work with really care. That’s why I’m still at Kisharon every day, despite my 2-hour commute from Waltham Cross.

Last word
I always have a smile on my face and I have a lot of patience especially with the people we support. I give the people we support time and space to do what they are doing – not matter how long it takes. We work hard and give so much love. We do a job that many people, even those with the highest qualifications, may not be able to.