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Adekunle Adeagbo

Adekunle Adeagbo, Interim Supported Living Manager
Joined Kisharon in February 2016

How did you join Kisharon?
I started as an agency support worker and joined the Kisharon staff in Jan 2018.

What’s the best part of your job?
It’s seeing the people we support make a positive contribution to the community and live independently. It’s very rewarding to be responsible for their wellbeing.

What singles out Kisharon?
It’s the investment Kisharon makes in its staff.  After years of qualifications and training, I became a team leader in 2020 and qualified as Interim Supported Living Manager in April 2022. Support for staff during the pandemic was exceptional. Richard Franklin the Chief Executive, Hadassa Kessler Operations Director, and the HR team, would call everybody asking if we needed anything. Whatever we needed was delivered. Kisharon not only really cares for the people it supports, but for its staff too.

What skills/expertise do you provide?
We care about the physical and mental wellbeing of staff, their motivation and of course, training. In addition, I’m working on a self-management project to empower staff to take more responsibility. I’m piloting this with Necola Reid Warner Operations and Registered Manager, and hope to launch it soon.

What do you get out of your work at Kisharon?
Career progression. If you’re good then you will make progress. Also, a whole new raft of staff benefits were just launched, including life assurance.

Something we don’t know about you…
I’m a massive Arsenal supporter!  I love Scrabble, basketball and my kids.

Last word
Service to humanity is the best work of life.