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Your ability to give
= our ability to deliver vital services for everyone supported by Kisharon.

Kisharon is a uniquely Jewish organisation able to support children with learning disabilities and their families throughout life’s journey.

From nursery, through school and into independent living accommodation and employment opportunities, no other organisation plays such a unique and critical role within our community.

Did you know….

  • Kisharon Bike Shop provides over 3,000 hours of supported employment every year
  • Over the last 3 months Childs Hill Library has been supported by over 170 hours of volunteering time by people with learning disabilities
  • Every year Kisharon gives 50 adults with learning disabilities support in their employment and career aspirations
  • It costs Kisharon £60k every year to give the children at our Tuffkid Nursery the therapy and specialist teaching they need to thrive
  • This year Kisharon Noé School increased its capacity by 100%
  • It costs Kisharon £10k per person, per year to fund our college to provide skills, training and preparation for employment
  • Every year Kisharon spends over 800 hours on our Jewish life facilitation work to ensure our supported living staff are equipped to provide  impactful Jewish experiences
  • This past year Kisharon’s talented social enterprise teams fulfilled 10,000 holiday gift orders from 18 shuls
  • Every year Kisharon provides 5,754 hours of therapy at Kisharon Noé School
  • Kisharon has organised over 40 virtual celebrations for Shabbat, Havdalah and Jewish festivals in the past year