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A volunteer’s story

16 May 2019

Sculptor and multi-media artist Simone Krok says volunteering with adults supported by Kisharon has influenced her personally and professionally.

Gavrilli Kohn and Chesky Josebashvilli come to Simone’s Hampstead studio with Support Worker Shmuli Jacobs once a week and, with Yiddish music in the background, express themselves through art.

Simone says: “We created Seder plates before Pesach and have a Shavuot project underway but it’s a largely unplanned session. Gavrilli enjoys structure and shapes. He is very ordered and organised.

“On the other hand, Chesky is very abstract and works fast. He often produces five pieces in a session. I find the speed at which he works inspirational. He has learned to let go and works with abandon. The end result is that his pieces become freer and flowing with more soul as opposed to thought. There are lessons to be learned here, for me too.”

Simone first worked with people with learning disabilities growing up in South Africa where she volunteered at the Selwyn Segal Centre for special needs during her school holidays.

“As a child this experience had a profound affect on me. It certainly influenced the way I handled life’s challenges in later years.”

She was invited to lend a hand in the run up to Kisharon’s HeART Edit auction last year and has remained a volunteer since.

“I enjoy my sessions with Gavrilli and Chesky so much. I have been very blessed in my life and I am happy to help. Volunteering is important for my development as a person. It’s a reminder how precious life is, and to appreciate the things we take for granted.”

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“The world stands on three things: Torah, the service of G-d, and deeds of kindness.” Kisharon looks at the person not the disability, teaching Torah, Middos and Mitzvot embracing and cherishing everybody’s special talent and bringing out the best in them.