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A hand for frontline staff

25 June 2020

Kisharon supported staff on the frontline during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic with Zoom support sessions so they could share experiences and talk to each other about challenging situations.


Pictured: Necola Reid-Warner and Asa Govrin

“Our staff achieved some amazing outcomes, and made a positive impact on our community. We wanted staff to feel less isolated and more connected to each other,” said Kisharon Social Worker Asa Govrin, who ran the sessions with Supported Living Operations Manager Necola Reid-Warner.

As well as the ongoing connection between staff and Kisharon’s management, the weekly sessions served to express appreciation of the dedication and devotion shown by the staff who work in shifts 24 hours a day.

What impressed Asa and Necola too was the high morale staff still managed to achieve for the wellbeing of those they support and their families.

While Zoom wasn’t the perfect solution, managers needed to think outside the box to come up with solutions to help staff handle the stress they were working under.

But it allowed them to hear about the challenges of getting to work safely and maintaining government guidelines at all times, as well as keeping those they supported connected to their loved ones and engaged in activities far removed from what they might be doing normally.

Asa said: “It was refreshing to see and hear staff reflecting on their own practices and willing to take advice and support on how they could improve. It was also a good opportunity to say a big thank you. The support sessions are still ongoing, and support workers have asked for them to continue after the coronavirus outbreak is over.”

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