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No summer slack at Day Opps!

08 August 2022

Kisharon’s Adult Day Opportunities, offering rewarding times for those with learning disabilities, can be a lifeline for parents and support workers during the summer months.

Jack enjoys a summer trip to Legoland

Nissim is a case in point. He attends Adult Day Opportunities throughout the holidays but still gets accompanied to Kisharon Head Office in Colindale every week for work experience.

Making sure that Nissim continues to check in for his Head Office stint shows the dedication shown by staff.

The daily schedule at the centre in Finchley Road is a mix of outings, davening and activities like drama, art and trips, with therapy sessions if needed, but staff can veer from the routine to suit an individual’s needs.

Support Worker David Goldman said: “One client likes to be constantly on the move. He has a music session first then we go out to garden centres, on boat trips, shopping, walking and to theme parks. It’s all tailored to him. You definitely get to build a bond with the people we support.”

Others might prefer not to participate at all. Support worker Ken ‘Doctor’ Campbell, who earned his nickname for his calm nature and ability to find solutions to every problem, said: “If someone doesn’t want to go on an outing, we will never force them, and  as long as we have enough staff, might stay in to do puzzles, drawing – which is my particular favourite – or go for a long walk.”

David with Support Worker Ken ‘Doctor’ Campbell

Support workers can develop a deep understanding with clients, as Olateju Omisore explained: “If someone doesn’t want to do a particular activity, just being by their side can make them content. Even though someone may be non-verbal it’s clear when there is a rapport.”

Adult Day Opportunities women staff joke that Linda Wachsmann is the best carer. In her 20 years at Kisharon, Linda has watched many of those she supported grow from children to adults, often invites them for Shabbos and yomtov meals and is still in regular contact with some who no longer need regular support.

Linda, above, whose family are long-time Kisharon supporters, said: “I definitely get more from the people we support than I give to them.”

And given the dedication of the support workers, it’s likely that Linda isn’t the only one who shares that sentiment.












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