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Trailblazing app leaves more time for care

11 January 2018

An innovative and secure information sharing app is freeing up more contact time for Kisharon staff to spend with those in their care.

The groundbreaking Infinity app lets staff share information instantaneously with team members about individuals’ activities, movements and requirements. Some staff already use the app, but it will be available soon to all staff in supported living and day opportunities.

Infinity-Portrait website

Supported Living Operations Manager Necola Reid-Warner, said: “There is a significant reduction in the number of time-consuming phone calls and emails between staff and managers asking for clarity and confirmation about tasks for the people we support, meaning staff can spend more time delivering care.”

These benefits are in line with Kisharon’s commitment to deliver increased levels of personal care for all those it supports.

Julia Brown, Kisharon’s Operations Director, said: “Until recently, information about the people we support was well-documented in folders and books stored in offices. Sharing of the information within teams was during set times and prearranged handover meetings.”

The next development is for families to access Infinity. Julia said: “Family members are currently updated either via phone, email or at arranged meetings. Sharing and contributing timely information and achievements with individuals, families, staff and others is clearly extremely valuable. We would like to bridge the gap between staff, service users, family and friends. We feel that involving families in using Infinity will add significant value to the care provided by Kisharon.”

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