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That moment of elation…

22 March 2018

The leap in the air says: “We made it!” The brave team that climbed Ben Nevis in winter conditions, raising more than £32k for Kisharon, is back safe and sound.

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The team of eight ended their eleven-hour climb in the dark, and reached the highest point in the UK – 4,408ft – despite missing out on a pre-arranged winter climbing skills lesson following the cancellation of their flight from London.

Kisharon Designer Shani Mirwis, who, with Director of Fundraising Richard Franklin were two members of staff on the challenge, said: “We arrived in Scotland late because the flight was cancelled, but did have some training the next morning, before we started the climb. There were some intense moments but real team spirit spurred us on. There was a big flat expanse at the top, not what I’d expected at all, but the views were amazing. We were so high up. I really enjoyed it.”

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Richard added: “The journey to the top was gruelling and arduous. Weather conditions were harsh, but we were blessed with a window of good weather and from the top, we could see 100 miles – all the way to the Atlantic.”

Other climbers were: Ian Liss, David Bloom, Gideon Krotosky, Shaun Ledgerwood and mother and daughter, Suzanne and Lucy Weiniger. Anyone still wishing to donate should contact:

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