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Yoni’s Story

Yoni started living in Kisharon’s residential care home in 1997. All of his Support Team appreciated his friendly nature and cheeky grin as soon as they met him. However, the care home setting was not giving Yoni the independence that the team knew he was capable of having.

The ideal opportunity to make this transition came when Kisharon opened a new Supported Living house. After much discussion and consideration, Yoni made the transition to independent living.

For the first time, Yoni had the key to his own front door and bedroom. Yoni’s Support Team’s only concern was his ability to keep his key safe. Yoni proved he could be responsible and still holds onto his key with great care and pride, taking it with him everywhere.

Yoni comes from a musical family and is very creative. This can be seen by the way Yoni has decorated his own room with his own drawings and paintings. He also now lives close to his family so he can go and see them as often as he likes.

Petrona, the Manager of Yoni’s Supported Living House describes Yoni as ‘a lovely gentleman’ and believes that Yoni has reacted very positively and responsibly to his new found independence.