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Our award semi-finalists

22 March 2018

Kisharon staff have reached the semi-finals of the WIZO Commitment Awards presented for changing lives and building futures. The winners will be announced in July.

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Above: Kisharon nominees with Julia Brown, Director of Operations, on the journey back from the Knightsbridge event

There are fifteen categories in the awards scheme, which was set up to salute the impact and passion of individuals and organisations that use their experience and skills to make the world a better place.

Kisharon reached the semi finals in three of fifteen categories and nominees attended an event in Knightsbridge on Tuesday to present their work to a sponsor who will select the winners.

Tuffkid Nursery Head Janice Marriott was nominated in the early years category for the outstanding quality of the inclusive nursery education she provides. Aviva Braunold Vocational Skills College Manager, Hadassa Kessler Principal Social Worker and Day Opportunities Manager and Employment Manager Shlomo Weltman were nominated in the vocational skills category for achieving funding for 16-25 year olds to develop their employment skills, the innovative programme being delivered and the jobs that have been achieved as a result. Kisharon’s final nomination was in social enterprise where the team included Neha Dhakar Manager Partnership Library, Eytan Bordoley Manager Kisharon Bikes, Andrew Plaskow Manager Equal Homeware, Gifts and Print, Simon Saunders Head of Social Enterprise and Shlomo for his role in moving people into real employment.

Bev said: “Given the outstanding work at Kisharon, it was not surprising that the organisation was well represented at the awards with three nominations. Congratulations to all of Kisharon’s nominees who are to be celebrated for playing such a vital role in empowering the people Kisharon supports.”

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