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Award for Kisharon film

Award for Kisharon film

A film made for Kisharon has won an award.

The film was called 'Through My Eyes'.

It was shown first at Kisharon's annual dinner in July.

It is about a girl with a learning disability.

The girl gets very upset because she cannot tell anyone how she is feeling or what she needs.

The film shows what it can be like when lots of things are happening at the same time and it is hard to concentrate.

The film also shows how Kisharon can support people with learning disabilities.

The film won a Gold EVCOM Clarion Award.

The film was made by a company called Vanilla Films.

Vanilla Films made a film for Kisharon's annual dinner in 2014.

The film in 2014 also won an award.

If you would like to watch the film, go to 

Annual Dinner 2015 Film