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Trustee Leo Noé

17 November 2017


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Leo Noé has been a Kisharon Trustee since 1998, and his clarity of thought and approach, as well as his understanding of the cause and community, ensures he is an essential member of the Trustee Board.

When asked, Leo said he holds Kisharon in high esteem because: “Society judges communities by the way they look after their least advantaged.” He finds his role on the board fulfilling. “You get a huge reward in a very short space of time,” he said.

Characteristically precise and with an economy of words, modesty prevented Leo mentioning that he is one of the UK’s leading philanthropists listed in the Charities Aid Foundation giving list, primarily supporting charities in the UK and overseas.

Among his many charitable commitments, Leo is a Vice President and Treasurer of the Jewish Leadership Council. Leo was a member of the Holocaust Commission, the Commission on Jewish Schools and Chairman of the Schools Strategy Implementation Group (SSIG) – indeed a trustee worth celebrating in Trustees’ Week!

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