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Kisharon welcomes NHS Long Term Plan

18 January 2019

Kisharon has welcomed the health targets set in the NHS Long Term Plan, and the new job opportunities it pledges for adults with learning disabilities and autism.

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The ten-year strategy, announced on January 7, promises supported internships in the NHS, with half leading to paid employment.

“People we support are keen to work so this could be very good news for us,” said Julia Brown, Kisharon’s Director of Operations.

The new NHS plan focuses on prevention and the early detection of disease with important targets for people with learning disabilities and autism.

Stopping the over-prescribing of psychotropic medicine, better health checks and increased investment in community support to reduce inpatient admissions are among them.

Kisharon already has a fine record in preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and has welcomed newcomers into supported living following long periods in hospital.

“Kisharon is very well positioned to continue to work in partnership with our local NHS and very supportive local primary health and social care teams to provide high quality support for people with learning disabilities. What we do has a positive impact in preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and minimising hospital stays for those who are admitted.”

Other targets set in the government’s plan include limiting institutional care for children and young people with learning disabilities, and a digital flag in the records of patients with learning disabilities or autism to alert staff.

If you would like to know more about the standards you should expect from your local NHS in easy read, click here.

PHOTO: NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens launches the NHS Long Term Plan

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