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Helping hand for freshers

11 October 2018

Middlesex University students checked their bikes were in tip-top condition during Freshers’ Week at a Kisharon Bike Shop stand – working alongside police marking bikes to deter thieves.

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Shaya Zimmels and Levi Hyams, supported by Kisharon, carried out inspections and repairs.

In MDXFreewheelers, the Middlesex University and Bike Shop scheme launched in 2016,  shop staff carry out regular maintenance, servicing and repairs on the university’s bikes.

Bike Shop Manager, Eytan Bordoley said: “It is fantastic to have Middlesex University’s support for our social enterprise services and for raising greater awareness of Kisharon’s work.

“The people we support are our greatest ambassadors and I cannot thank Shaya and Levi enough for their dedication and enthusiasm in introducing our services to the latest intake of Middlesex students.”

A university spokesperson added: “Middlesex has always had close links with Kisharon Bikes. We are proud of the interaction that takes place and look forward to the next event when we will work together at the end of January.”

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